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World: "Brexit" would generate global economic instability
We estimate that the UK voting to leave the EU would reduce global GDP by US$200bn by end-2017, equivalent to an economy the size of Vietnam.


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Cuba: Exports suffer
The outlook for goods exports remains weak, but solid tourism and remittances inflows will blunt the impact.


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Timor-Leste: ASEAN
Indonesia's strong support will be key to Timor-Leste's accession into the Association of South-East Asian Nations.


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Azerbaijan: Price rises
Our cost of living index for Baku was up year on year in March, but, in dollar terms, it has fallen over the past year.

Middle East and Africa

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Tanzania: Budget plans
The government's plans are prudent, but resistance from the civil service will slow down the pace of reform.

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World: EIU forecast
Greater stability for emerging markets will not be maintained in the next two years.
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Saudi Arabia: Fiscal deficit data
The kingdom registered a fiscal deficit of US$96.6bn in 2015. The record deficit figure is prompting the government to consider more radical austerity measures.

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