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Image of lightbulb depicting innovation

Americas: Prospects for enhanced innovation are weak
Weak public finances and private investment in research and development, alongside unfavourable framework conditions, hinder innovation in the region.


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Argentina: Law vetoed
Mauricio Macri's strong stand against a controversial firing freeze could affect co-operation with Congress.


Photo of houses

PNG: Home ownership
Problems in the housing sectors in Papua New Guinea will persist, restricting economic development.


Photo of fiscal ledger

Norway: Revised budget
The move to raise stimulus is likely to prompt a downward revision to our forecast for the budget surplus in 2016.

Middle East and Africa

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S Africa: Stricter policy
South Africa's rising reliance on the competition authorities to advance a wider policy agenda is a source of concern.

Global issues

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World: EIU forecast
Deflationary pressures, policy divergence and fears about China weigh on the global economy.
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Germany: GDP grows
Robust quarterly real GDP growth of 0.7% in the first three months was driven by domestic demand, but we expect a slowdown in the second quarter of 2016.

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